30,000 hryvnias were raised for Yakov's treatment!

We sincerely thank everyone without exception for their prayers, kind words and financial assistance!

Let's help Yakov to see the world again!


This is Yakov. He is only 4 years old.

His family lives in Bucha district of Kyiv region. There are father, mother and six little children in his family. Yakov is the fifth child in his family. Once in the morning Yakov had opened his eyes and seen nothing. Only full darkness!

The hospital diagnosed: retrobulbar double neuritis in diseases classified elsewhere.

From that moment, for him and his family another life had began, full of hospital, analyses and endless dropping bottles.

There is a prognosis that Yakov will see again, but he needs to get a treatment.

Another 21 days, 3 dropping bottlers per day!

All this requires money and it is hard for his family.
With the agreement of Yakov's mother, Irina Kuzminskaya, our Charity Fund announces the raising money for treatment.
Only 30 000 UAH are required.
Please send donation for Yakov to the fund's account with the note "For the treatment of Yakov Kuzminsky".
Yakov does not cry and supports mother so that she does not cry!
Let's help the child to see the world again!


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