This politics of privacy applies to web site

The page contains information about what information the site administration or third parties can receive when the user (You) visits it.

 The data that had to be collected during the visit of web site

During visiting the web site, personal data is transferred by the user voluntarily, that can include: name, surname, middle name, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses for the delivery of goods or services, details of the company that the user represents, position in the company that the user represents, social media accounts, as well as form fields that have to be filled.

These data are to be collected for providing the services or sale of products, possibility of connection with user or another activity of user on web site, as well as in order to send to the user information that he agreed to get.

We do not check the accuracy of the provided data and do not guarantee the quality of orders fulfilment, the provision of services or feedback from us in the case if not correct information is provided.

The data is collected by the forms available on the site for filling out (for example, registration, order performing, subscription, leaving the comments or review, question, feedback, and others).

The forms installed on the site can transfer the data directly to the site as well as to third party sites (third party service scripts).

The data can be collected via technology of cookies directly by the site as well as by scripts of third party services. This data is collected automatically, the sending of these data can be cancelled by switching off cookies in the browser in which the site is opened.

Non personal data

Except personal data, during the site visiting, non personal data is collected, they are collected automatically by the web server on which the site is located, with the help of CMS tools (system of site management), as well as by the scripts of third party organizations installed on the site. The data that collected automatically include: IP address and country of its registration, domain name from which you came to us, visitor transitions from one page of the site to another, information that your browser provides voluntarily when visiting the site, cookies, visits and other data collected by third party are recorded by analytics counters installed on the site.

These data are not personalized and have the goal to improve the customer service, to improve the comfort of usability of the site, to analyze the statistics of its visits.

Providing the data to the third party

We do not inform users' personal data to companies, organizations and individuals that are not connected with us. The exceptions can be in the cases that listed below.

User data in the public domain

The user's personal data may be published in the public domain in accordance with the functionality of the site, for example, when he leaves feedback / questions, the name specified by the user may be published, such activity on the site is voluntary, and the user confirms such publication by his actions.

Upon demand of legal system

The personal data can be informed in order to prevent the fraud or other illegal activities; at the request of the legislation and in other cases that provided by the laws of Ukraine.

For the services providing and obligations fulfilment

The user agrees that personal data can be transferred to third parties in order to provide services that had ordered on the site, fulfilment the other obligations for the user. Such persons can be, for example, a courier service, postal services, cargo transportation services etc.

For the third party services installed on the site

The site may include the forms that collect personal data of the other organizations, in this case the collection, storage and protection of the user's personal data is carried out by the third parties in accordance with their politics of privacy.

The collection, storage and protection of personal data that had received from the third party organization is carried out in accordance with the politics of privacy.

How we protect your personal data

We take the certain security measures connected with collection, storage and processing the data received. In order to protect them from unauthorized access, modification, release or cancellation, we restrict the access to our employees, subcontractors.

Your agreement with the given conditions

Using the site, you confirm your acceptance of this politics of privacy. If you do not agree with this politics, please do not use it. Your further use of the site after the posting of changes to this politics is considered to be as your acceptance of these changes.

Responsibility refusal

The politics of privacy can not be applied to any other sites and does not apply to third party web sites that may contain a mention about our site and from which links to the site, as well as the links from this site to other sites at Internet, can be made. We are not responsible for the actions of the other web sites.

Changes in the politics of privacy

We have the right to update this politics of privacy at any time. We recommend users to check this page regularly in order to be aware about any changes in how we protect the user information that we collect. Using the site, you agree to be responsible for periodically updating the politics of privacy policy and and any changes connected with it.