Public offer

(about providing of voluntary charitable donation)


The given public offer about providing of charitable donation (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”), in accordance with paragraph 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, is a proposal of the Charitable Organization "International Charitable Fund "Love to Ukraine", identification code of the legal entity: 44857443, located at the address: Ukraine, 08300, Kyiv region, Boryspil, Franka Str., building 2, apartment 10 (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund"), represented by director Olexander Sergiyovych Petrukhin, acting on the basis of the Statute, to an uncertain circle of capable individuals and legal entities of private law which perform charitable activities voluntarily (hereinafter each of such persons referred to as "Charitable Person”), conclude an agreement about providing of charitable donation (hereinafter referred to as the Contract”) on the terms described in this Offer with each applied Charitable Person.

The given Offer comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Fund's website in the Internet at the link: hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). This Offer has no expiration date and can be changed or withdrawn by the Fund at any time (before its acceptance by the Charitable Person) by posting the relevant information on the Site.

The Fund can make contracts about providing of charitable donations in a different ways and / or on the other conditions that provided by this Offer. The charitable person may apply to the Fund separately in order to conclude such agreement.


The subject of the present Contract is the gratuitous and voluntary transfer by the Charitable Person to the ownership of the Fund of monetary assets by making a charitable donation for the performance of the statutory activities of the Fund. The Charitable Person determines the amount of the charitable donation independently. The Fund determines the directions for the use of a charitable donation independently within the framework of its own statutory activities, unless otherwise determined by the Charitable Person in the manner specified by the present Contract. The subject of the present Contract is not the direct or indirect profit of any of the Parties from the Contract.

The transfer of monetary assets by the Charitable Person in accordance with the present Contract  considers to be as a charitable donation in accordance with paragraph 6 of the Law of Ukraine "About charitable activities and charitable organizations".

Optionally, the Charitable Person may indicate the purpose of the charitable donation by choosing among the programs (projects) the goals announced by the Fund.


The Fund performs charitable activities in accordance with its Statute, including, in the field of increasing the country's defense capability and mobilization readiness in connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

The fund activity does not intend of making a profit.

Information about Fund activities and reports about results of such activities are posted on the Site.


The Charitable Person determines the amount of the charitable donation independently.

The charitable donation is voluntary and is not subject to further return to the Charitable Person.

In accordance with these Offer and the Contract, charitable donations are provided by the Charitable Persons and used by the Fund in order to perform and ensure charitable activities (implementation of directions, goals of charitable activities and charitable programs) of the Fund in accordance with the Statute and legislative system of Ukraine. The Charitable Person agrees with such purpose of his donation.

Charitable donations methods:

one-time payment;

subscription that includes monthly/annual payments at any amount. The specified subscription can be canceled at any time through the services of the user's bank (for example, Privat24, Apple Pay, Google Play and others).


The Fund undertakes to use the finances of the Charitable Person's charitable donation in strict accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and only within the framework of its statutory activities.

The Fund has the right to determine the directions for the use of a charitable donation independently in accordance with its statutory activities and the legislation of Ukraine, except in cases where the Charitable Person has determined the specific purpose of the donation under a separate contract with the Fund. Thus, if the specific purpose of the charitable donation by the Charitable Person is not determined, it is considered that the donation was made in the implementation of the Fund's statutory activities.

The Charitable Person has the right to receive information about the use of his charitable donation. In order do this, the Fund may post on the Site monthly financial reports, including information about the amounts of donations received by the Fund during the reporting period and the Fund's expenses during the reporting period. Upon the written request of the Charitable Person, the Fund may also confirm the intended of use of the charitable donation with additional documents. Access to reports about the use of charitable donations is provided by the Fund in the manner and within the time limits stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine and the present Offer.

By providing a charitable donation, the Charitable Person confirms his legal capacity, the voluntariness of the conclusion of the transaction and the subject of the charitable donation is not under a ban, arrest, is not pledged, is not pressed with any other rights of third parties and was not obtained in violation of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "About Prevention and Counteraction legalization (laundering of money) of proceeds from crime, the financing of terrorism and the financing of the extension of weapons of mass destruction”. In case of having reasonable doubts about these statements, the Fund has the right to request, and the Charitable Person undertakes to provide appropriate supporting evidence of these statements.

The Parties have agreed that in the case of receipt of more monetary assets during the collection of special purpose funds than it was declared, the Fund has the right to specify independently the direction of using the balance of funds in accordance with its statutory activity.


The Accept - full and unconditional acceptance of the Public Offer by performing actions to make a money transfer through payment forms and means posted on the Site, as well as by transferring monetary assets to the Fund's current account via banking institutions. The moment of Accept is the date of the money transfer and / or crediting of assets to the bank account of the Fund.

The Accept of the Offer means that the Charitable Person agrees with all its provisions and fully understands and agrees with the subject of the Contract, with the purpose of public collection of donations and with the Fund's right to use the part of the Charitable Person's the Charitable Donation at the administrative expenses of the Fund, in an amount that does not exceed that it is provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

The Charitable Person and the Fund, guided by paragraph 639, paragraphs 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, agree that from the moment of Accept the Contract is considered to be concluded. At the same time, the Parties agree that non-compliance by the parties with the written form of the transaction does not mean its invalidity.

The Fund performs the processing of the Charitable Person's personal data that provided during visiting the Site and / or making a money transfer (hereinafter referred to as personal data) in order of proper fulfilment of present Contract and its statutory activities. Detailed information about the procedure of processing personal data by the Fund is available in the Politics of Privacy.


The provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine apply to relations between the Charitable Person and the Fund.

The Fund's responsibility for violation of the present Contract or the procedure for using charitable donations comes up on the basis, at the amount and in the manner determined by the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

In case of disputes between the parties of the present Contract, they should be resolved by means of negotiations. If it is impossible to resolve disputes by means of negotiations, disputes are considered to be resolved in the courts in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.



Charitable Organization "International Charitable Fund "Love to Ukraine"


Ukraine, 08300, Kyiv region, Boryspil,Franka Str., building 2, apartment 10.